Our Interview with Ash


Tell us a little bit about you? 

My name is Ash...I love my family, my partner, my friends and my clients. I am passionate about Pilates and feeling absolutely wonderful in your own skin and i am unashamedly addicted to MAFS and Fruit and Nut chocolate. 


Do you have any advice you could share?

People are always going to tell you why you can’t. People are always going to tell you why you shouldn’t. At the end of the day the only opinion that should matter is the one you have of yourself so...make yourself PROUD. 


What is your biggest accomplishment?

My studio! Having been a professional dancer my whole life i was so used to setting and accomplishing goals/ dream gigs etc... I used to fantasise about owning my own studio but it honestly felt like a pipe dream in comparison. Through lots of help and hard work it’s here now and i can’t stop smiling. It makes me feel so proud. 


Who are women whom you admire? 

Cliche’ but my Mumma. She’s a real life angel. I’m aware not everyone has that figure in their life and to think of how integral she has been in my journey reminds me of how lucky i am to have her. In terms of Business Babes i would have to say Elle Ferguson. Name a boss babe with a kinder heart and a better work ethic...I’ll wait ;) 


To follow along with Ash's journey click here & she wears Isla Sandals, Ecru.